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Post Setting System




Traeger Brothers was founded in 1939 by brothers Joe Traeger and Anthony Traeger to manufacture a proprietary ground anchoring system. A half-century later, Traeger Brothers Inc. continues the family tradition with  “Anchor-Itâ”, a revolutionary post setting material that is catching  the attention of the home improvement industry.



Anchor-Itâ is a fast-setting formulation of wood products and proprietary additives designed as an economical, environmentally safe, safe handling, and easier alternative to setting posts with concrete mix. When Anchor-Itâ is placed in a post hole and water is added to the product, the material expands with an outward pressure of 100 PSI and forms a permanent, solid mass, setting the post firmly in the ground. Anchor-Itâ contains green, natural non-toxic proprietary additives that serve as a preservative, and binding agent. The cavity must be twice the diameter of the object to be set, and a minimum of 24 “ deep.   The taller the object the deeper the hole will need to be.



Anchor-Itâ is commonly used for setting mail boxes, bird feeders, wood poles, traffic signs, road sign posts, and yard ornamental



1.     Dig the hole twice the diameter of the post and a minimum of 24” deep. Taller posts need deeper holes.  For example: To set a 6 ft high 4x4 fence post, dig the hole 8” diameter and 24” deep.

Set the post in the middle of the hole and level.

      3.  Completely fill the hole with Anchor-It
â.  Spread the Anchor-Itâ material evenly around each post. Fill until level with the ground.
           One 20 lb bag shoud lset one post.

      4.  Apply water to the Anchor-It
â around the post until the water reaches the
top of the hole (approximately 3-4 gallons of water per hole). 
          The post will
set in 5 minutes.



Rate of Set

Initial set time: 2 minutes

Set time:          5 minutes

Final set time:10 minutes.




q  Fast setting

q  Environmentally friendly product. No toxic chemicals.

q  Ready to use, just add water

q  Cleaner to use than fast setting concrete mixes.

q  No job site mixing required

q  Convenient bag size ( 20 lbs versus 60 or 80 lbs) Easy to transport.

q  Wood posts set with Anchor-Itâ will last up to five times longer than

           posts installed in dirt because Anchor-Itâ shields the post 

           from deteriorating chemicals in the dirt.




Anchor-Itâ has been subjected to field tests for more than 6 years with no negative results to date. Anchor-Itâ has been subjected to the ASTM Freeze/Thaw test C666 with 96 cycles of freeze and thaw -with no effect to the compressive strength. Anchor-Itâ has been subjected to a moisture removal test where the moisture level was reduced to less than 6% with no effect on the compressive strength.




Available in 20 lb bags. 

100 bags per pallet = 2000 lbs  

Ships LTL as Class 55

20 tons per truckload.




Not for structural or load bearing use. Product performance can be affected by many factors including storage, method, and conditions of application and use.  User testing is essential to determine suitability of product for intended method of application and use.  Manufacturer’s and seller’s sole warranty is that the product has been manufactured to specifications.  No oral or written information or advice shall increase this warranty or create new warranties.  Manufacturer’s sole liability is to replace product proved defective.  In no event shall manufacturer be liable for any consequential, indirect, or other damages, whether from negligence or otherwise.



Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price: $7.99 per 20 lb bag


Patented Product

U.S. Patent #6,698,724

Canadian Patent #2,314,640




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